Privacy Policy

Who we are

The websites www.hafjall.isand www.dynjandi.comare owned and operated by Háfjall ehf. as a service to our potential guests and clients.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

When visitors access our website, we store general and non-specific information such as the visitor’s IP address, browser and language information, and the pages they have visited on our site. IP addresses may be used to get a rough geolocation which helps us understand where potential clients for our services come from and how to best structure our content, learn which products are most interesting, and so on. As part of this effort we are using Google Analytics, configured to only collect and store the minimum amount of data and retain it for the shortest possible duration offered by Google.

Booking portal

Embedded into our website may be content provided by the booking portal we use, Bókun. Although it is a seamless experience, any information submitted during the activity/room booking process is exclusively transmitted to and stored by Bókun and used only to provide the booked service. Bókun may also store additional information such as IP addresses and browser data for quality assurance and fraud detection, as described here. Credit card data and other sensitive information is exclusively handled by Borgun and never touches other parties.

Third parties

Besides Bókun and Borgun, no third parties generally receive personal information submitted through our website (except for Google Analytics to the extent described above). Under special circumstances, we may provide information related to tours to other guide companies to assist us in providing the booked service.

Data retention and erasure

Records of bookings are stored for a maximum extent of 18 months after the booked date(s) and subsequently deleted. If you would like to have your records erased sooner, we will be happy to comply, although we may be obliged to keep certain information for administrative, legal, or security purposes.