Bird Watching


Hornafjörður is one of the best places in Iceland for bird watching. In spring, it is common for migratory birds to be spotted first in this region as they arrive in Iceland. Also the migratory path of the barnacle goose lies over the southeast of Iceland and in recent years some of these birds have nested there.

The most conspicuous birds in this region are numerous species of marshland bird, such as the whooper swan, ducks, wading birds and, of course, arctic terns and black-headed gulls. Other bird species also nest there, including the skua and loom.

At Ingólfshöfði, a boulder mull down by the seashore, there is quite an abundant puffin colony and also many great skuas and other sea birds. In recent years, there has also been evidence of a colony of leach’s petrel. South of the town Höfn is Ósland, a conservation area popular for hiking and bird observation. Ósland was one an island but now it is connected to the mainland. There is rich birdlife and the Arctic Tern is predominant during the nesting season. Also seals can be found there.



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